Our products include:
  • packs of notelets@£3.00 per pack of 10 (2 for £5.00)   Each pack contains 10 different scenes - choice of packs are Zambian flora, Zambian fauna, Zambian scenes, Zambian birds, Suffolk scenes, winter in Suffolk (black and white).  (Notelets come with C6 envelopes 114x162mm)
                Animals of Zambia           Suffolk scenes                   Zambian scenes            Flowers of Zambia             Suffolk winter          Zambia's birds
  • packs of Christmas cards @£3.00 per pack of 10 (2 for £5.00).  Each pack contains 5 original designs -2 of each per pack.  (C6 size as for notelets)

       All christmas cards contain the message "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

   Starfish pens @ £1.50 each
  Starfish notebooks (small 7.5 x 12.5 cm) @£1.00 each  

Cheques for above payable to Starfish Fund.  Please add 50p postage for each order.

  • Book"Bwanakula Thandi," the story of the building of Kaputula School by Moira Cooke £7.99
  • Book - "A Heart for Africa" - Moira's second book, this time covering all our other projects to 2011 £12.99
Cheques for books payable to Mrs. M. Cooke.  Please add £2.50 postage for books. (Proceeds from the sale of books go to the Starfish Fund)
Orders please to:
Tanworth Starfish Fund
Blackheath Road
Suffolk IP19 9DH