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Our Projects

Building Projects
Kaputula School
The building of Kaputula School was our first large building project.  Kaputula is in a rural area about 50 km from Kitwe on the Zambian Copperbelt.  The original pole and thatch building was in a state of collapse and urgently needed replacing. The 7 classroom school was completed in approximately 3 years and cost in the region of £30 000.
We are now funding the construction of a teacher's house at Kaputula which will be used by the headteacher and will provide better security for the school site.  It is also anticipated that having a permanent member of the school staff on site will give greater stability to the school personnel. 
       Workforce at Kaputula at the start of construction of the teacher's house
Recent information is that the house has now reached gable end level and is due for completion in 2013.
Kafubu Baptist Church
This large Baptist Church situated about 5 km from Kaputula was entirely funded by a small Baptist Church in the UK.  Hockley Heath Baptist Church with a congregation often under 20 thus established a church in Zambia capable of holding congregations of several hundred.  The original wooden building at Kafubu was being destroyed by termites.
Further funding by Hockley Heath Baptist Church has recently been used to replace a wooden toilet structure with a more permanent brick building.
New pit toilet at Kafubu.  The old wooden
structure is on the right.
Salem Centre for Street Kids (Gospel Mission Sports Outreach)
The centre involves a large community school and boarding for a number of street kids who are integrated into the school community.  Starfish funds have provided four new classrooms, new sanitary facilities and sewing machines for adult tailoring classes.  Starfish has also contributed to the centre's fund raising projects by refurbishing chicken sheds and funding a hammer mill shelter where corn is ground into flour.  Starfish recently provided funds for a secure room so the school can be used as an examination centre and funds for the completion a new library and conference building.
Chibuluma Church
This church on the outskirts of Kitwe is a sister church to St. Michael's Anglican Cathedral.  Starfish supplied 50 bags of cement at the beginning of the project and has helped with roofing and final refurbishment.  The church serves a township/compound inhabited mainly by retirees from the Zambian Copper mines.
3 classroom school block at Chilumba 
Chilumba like Kaputula lies in a rural area approximately 50 km from Kitwe but in a slightly different direction.  Starfish runs an orphan  sponsorship programme at Chilumba and has now provided a three classroon school building for school and community use.  The road to Chilumba is often impassable in the rainy season.  The new school was opened in September 2011.
Clinic and nurse's house at Simooya
               Clinic at Simooya                                               Nurse's house next to the clinic
The project was started a number of years ago by a Zambian now living in the UK, Milden Choongo.  Previously the nearest medical facilites were 25 km from Simooya.  Milden asked Starfish to help complete the work he had started. Starfish has funded the completion of the clinic together with a nurse's house.  The project is near Choma in the South West of Zambia.  The clinic opened in October 2011.  Thanks to Milden's persistent efforts, electricity has now been provided for all facilities on the site.
Starfish is now helping with the building of a school nearby.
    New school nbuilding at Simooya June 2012
Sponsorship Programmes
Chilumba Orphan Centre
Starfish supports over 30 orphans at the Chilumba Orphan Centre.  Sponsorship money provides basic school materials and pays school fees for the older orphans who attend government schools.  Sponsor money has also provided shoes and school uniforms.
Kaputula Orphan Carers
A committee of family representatives informs us of the most urgent needs.  Often grain and fertilizer are requested from which all family members benefit.  Sponsorship money has also provided shoes and blankets for the orphans being cared for.
Musonda Pupils 
 Starfish supported this group of pupils through secondary school by paying school fees and supplying uniforms and essential school equipment such as exercise books and calculators.  Without Starfish support the pupils could not have attended school. 
Individual and Group Support
Tresford is HIV positive.  Starfish initially provided him with the drugs needed to keep him alive and provided a driving licence so he could earn a better living.  Tresford is a counsellor for other AIDS victims.  Medicines are now provided Free of Charge by the Zambian government.  Tresford continues to tell others that without the help of Starfish he would not be alive today.
 Augustine Mumba
Augustine is an Albino.  He appealed to Starfish for help as he was attending a business course in Kitwe but the walk in the sun to Kitwe from his compound was causing his skin to blister.  Starfish helped with college expenses and paid his boarding fees so he could stay near his college.  Starfish also supplied him with glasses as his eyesight was deteriorating.  Augustine completed his course and is now working in Lusaka.
Frederick Phiri and Kabwe prisoners
Frederick Phiri asked for help as he needed crutches following an accident in Kabwe prison.  Starfish supplied him with crutches and shoes.  Since then Starfish has made an annual contribution to the prisoner's welfare with a supply of sugar, cooking oil and powdered milk via the prison chaplain Father Bowen.  Frederick has now been released through a president's pardon and has returned to his home region.
Other Aspects
Starfish has supplied sewing machines to tailoring groups and desks and other school equipment to community schools.  We have also distributed books to a number of community schools around the Copperfbelt area.
 Handing over sewing machines for use by a tailoring class at Salem Centre Kitwe.
New desks supplied by Starfish at Musonda Community School
Life Skills books being delivered to Fisenge Community School near Luanshya