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Thank you for visiting our website.
We are very grateful for all the help we have received over the years.  Much has been achieved but the needs are endless. One project is completed and another begins!
We welcome donations and are always seeking volunteers to help support our schemes. 

(Any donations please to:-
    Tanworth Starfish Fund
    Blackheath Road
    Suffolk IP19 9DH)
                                                                                                                                Kaputula school 2006

What is the Starfish Fund?

The fund was set up by the Wednesday House Group of St. Mary Magdalene Church, Tanworth-in-Arden, to help victims of the AIDS crisis in Zambia.

Victims include:                                                                     

  • Men, women and children who are HIV positive
  • Widows and orphans of families affected by AIDS
  • Children and parents left to care for families with no parents
  • Struggling communities


Starfish began by helping a young man called Tresford.  Tresford is a member of a large family living in Kalingalinga compound in Lusaka.  Tresford is HIV positive.  He is a counsellor for other AIDS victims.


Starfish paid for Tresford's treatment for three years until the drugs he needed started to be provided free by the Zambian Government.

 Why Starfish?

The name was inspired by a story by Loren Eisley.  The story goes as follows:

There was once a wise man, a writer who lived by the sea.  Each day he used to walk along the shore before beginning writing.  One day he saw a figure in front of him behaving strangely.  The figure seemed to be stooping then jumping up and throwing his arms in the air.  The writer walked faster to catch up.  It was a young man picking things up and throwing them into the water.

"What are you doing?" called the man.

"Throwing stranded starfish back in the ocean," replied the young man.

"But what possible difference can you make?" the writer asked. "Don't you realise there are miles of beach and thousands upon thousands of stranded starfish."

In answer the young man picked up another starfish and threw it into the waves. "Well, for that one, it sure made a difference," he said.

This is what starfish is about...making a difference to individuals and their communities.  In this way the world becomes a better place.

 Where does our contributors' money go?

  • It funded Tresford's treatment for three years
  •  It supplied school materials for Kaputula Community School and funded the complete replacement of the school with a new building
  • It provides support for families who care for orphans at Kaputula
  • It has provided desks, tables, chairs and exercise books for community schools in Kitwe and helped us to distribute health education books to schools around the Copperbelt
  • It supports orphans at a rural orphan centre and is funding the construction of a new school building for them and the community
  • It funded the replacement of a wooden Baptist Church with a new permanent building at Kafubu
  • It supplied funding to support a group of pupils through secondary school
  • It has supplied sewing machines for women's groups and tailoring classes
  • It has funded the rebuilding of four classrooms, a storeroom and new sanitary facilities at a community school and centre for street kids in Kitwe
  • It supplies extra food and other items to improve conditions for prisoners in Kabwe
  • It has funded the completion of a rural clinic and nurse's house near Choma
  • It has contributed to the building of an anglican church at Chibuluma near Kitwe with the supply of cement for the foundations and, at a later stage, funds for roofing materials
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